What to expect?

Expect the unexpected! It will be a year full of surprises!

Your host family

Responsibilities of your host family

  • welcoming you as a full family member and encouraging you to take part in family activities;
  • providing you with a room of your own in their house;
  • taking care of your daily meals;
  • making sure you are helping them no more than 30 hours per week;
  • give you at least 2 days off per week;
  • helping you with to find a course;
  • helping you with to integrate in the Dutch culture and their environment;
  • evaluating with you from time to time.

Responsibilities of you as an Au Pair

  • trying to integrate into the family's life and being a part of the host family;
  • participating in daily activities, such as cleaning the table after dinner and doing dishes together with your host family. Be aware that you are not staying in a hotel, but participating in daily family life;
  • being flexible;
  • being able to handle criticism;
  • being prepared for a stay in The Netherlands! Read a lot of information about the country and it’s culture/climate/way of life before coming to The Netherlands;
  • being aware of the fact that children are treated differently in The Netherlands as in your own country and you have to stick to the families rules.

Responsibilities of Au Pair Nederland

  • calling you 4 times a year for evaluation;
  • sending you a welcoming package at arrival;
  • providing you with a list of other Au Pairs in The Netherlands;
  • organizing meetings throughout the year;
  • guiding you when you have problems or when you need advise;
  • in case of replacement: making sure all goes smoothly and is solved the best way possible;
  • being there for you when you need us! To us, Au Pairs are just as important as our host families!


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