What happens if there is a mismatch/my au pair gets homesick?

We do not have enough room to house an au pair. Is it possible for him/her to stay somewhere else?

My children are very young and do not speak English. Will this be a problem for the au pair (and my children)?

When is the best time to employ an au pair?

Where do I take out a policy for the au pair?

Will the costs of having an au pair be compensated by the government or my employer?

Where do most au pairs come from?

Is the au pair entitled to a holiday?

Is it common for the family and the au pair to have dinner together?

Does it ever occur that an au pair runs away?

Does Au Pair Nederland organize trips for the au pair?

How are we supposed to treat the au pair? As the eldest child or as a friend of the family?

How many hours is the au pair allowed to work?

Is an au pair allowed to perform domestic chores?

Is an au pair allowed to drive during his/her stay in the Netherlands with his/her own license?

Am I allowed to ask the au pair to work during the evening?


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