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Au Pair Nederland is a program of Travel Active, the largest cultural exchange organization of the Netherlands. Roma is Program Coordinator of the enthusiastic and professional Au Pair Nederland team.


Roma - Program Coordinator

When I was 19 years old, I lived in New York for six months to complete my internship at the front office of a hotel. This experience of doing an internship abroad has brought me a lot. Independency, confidence, self-knowledge etc. For me, New York was a dream come true and I will never forget this period of my life. It is the city that never sleeps, where you experience something new every day. From the experience of living in such big city on my own that far away, I grew a lot personally.

I also lived in Aruba with my parents for 1,5 years. I still visit this beautiful island every year because my father still lives there. Aruba really is my second home and a place where I can completely relax and re-energize. I believe it is good for everyone to experience living abroad at least once in your live, because travelling on your own helps your development tremendously, which no other experience achieves in the same way.

When I started working at Travel Active, I worked at the Au Pair department, and this was for my second internship. The reason doing an internship at the Au Pair department appealed to me, is because it gives me energy to enable people to experience the same extraordinary experience abroad that I had, and to use my own knowledge to help others. After my internship I was able to continue working at Travel Active at the Au Pair Netherlands department and I still do my work with great pleasure every day.

“Travelling is investing in yourself.”

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Schouten family – Au Pair Nederland host family

This way, our children are able get in touch with a different culture!