How to apply for an au pair

Three step matching system!

  1. The unique three step matching system on our website allows you to safely start your search for an au pair at any convenient moment. Our au pair files are available for viewing during the course of the year and our au pairs can often start at any moment you prefer.
  2. To see an overview of all available au pairs, please register for a LITE account on our website.
  3. If you wish to proceed with an au pair you like, you can apply with Au Pair Nederland, by registering as a VIP. You can do this from your LITE account. Of course your privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Personal interview with Au Pair Nederland

After signing up for a VIP account you will receive a registration package which contains a manual, the agreement and further information. To get a better picture of you as a family and thus to seek a suitable 'match', we visit every family at home. During this visit you will receive more information about our organization, our au pair program and the procedure. We’ll contact you to make an appointment for the home visit (for your convenience, these visits can also be scheduled in the evenings or during the weekends).

Placement of au pair in your home

If you have decided on an au pair and the au pair would like to accept your invitation, you will receive the necessary placement information and the package to request a visa for the au pair. If all the information is collected and checked and verified by us, we will send your application to the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Department). They will make a decision within two weeks after receiving the request. Upon approval we will inform the partner organization, the visa can be collected and the au pair will book a ticket. Upon arrival, the au pair will receive a welcoming package containing a handbook with tips for a successful exchange and after several days we will evaluate how the first days have expired.

Responsibilities host family and Au Pair Nederland after placement

During the stay of the au pair, there are several evaluation moments with you and the au pair. We will also regularly organize trips and excursions. In this way, the au pair can get acquainted with the Netherlands and Europe, but he or she can also exchange experiences with other au pairs in the Netherlands. This will help them integrate even more! Furthermore, the au pair must have the possibility to follow e.g. a Dutch language course (e.g. via Taalthuis) or another course that they find important. The cost of these courses are up to €320,-  and should be paid by you as a host family. We would also like to remind you that it's very important that you play an active role in introducing the au pair to your area. Involve the au pair in family trips, show him/her your living area and let him/her join a sports club or music association, for example. If you or the au pair have any questions, you can always contact our agency of course. 
If you want to host an au pair, you will need to meet a number of conditions as a family. You can read more on our Conditions page >>


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Due to clear agreements, clear communication, regular evaluation and above all great appreciation of one another, we are able to live together with the five of us under one roof!