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For over 27 years Au Pair Nederland has been matching foreign Au Pairs with families in the Netherlands. As a host family you can take advantage of this experience and expertise, which is characterized by correct (legal) procedures and an excellent knowledge of the au pair industry. As a member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and the Dutch association BONAPA, we meet the business and ethical standards that apply to all members. Through working with these associations, we remain constantly aware of the latest developments, knowledge and experiences between member agencies. Furthermore, Au Pair Nederland, as part of Active Travel BV, is the only Dutch au pair agency affiliated with the SGR (the Dutch travel compensation fund).

Au Pair Nederland acknowledged associate

Au Pair Nederland is designated as a acknowledged associate of the IND and is therefore able to mediate for families looking for an au pair. In 2010, the Dutch parliament adopted the new Modern Migration Law. This law has become effective on 1 June 2013. An important change is the role of the IND associate. The associate is the person or organization that mediates for the au pair coming to The Netherlands. By the modern migration law (and in the case of au pairs), only a qualified au pair agency can act as an associate. This is in the interest of the au pair so they are protected against, for example, exploitation. By working with IND associates, the welfare of au pairs is being monitored and improved.

Benefits of mediation by Au Pair Nedeland

There are several benefits of using our mediation services:

  • Au Pair Nederland guarentees extensive dubble screening before placement of an au pair. This screening procedure is provided by our agency and our partner agencies abroad.  Among other requirements, an au pair has to be in the possession of a clean bill of health, several verified child care references and of course a proficiency in the English language.
  • Au Pair Nederland provides a reassignment program if family and au pair do not get along.
  • Au Pair Nederland will relieve you from several responsibilities. Our agency is responsible for the au pair, the mediation, visa application, emergency support and more.
  • Au Pair Nederland will provide house visits to ensure the best possible preperation.
  • Au Pair Nederland will plan several evaluations during the year.


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Schouten family – Au Pair Nederland host family

This way, our children are able get in touch with a different culture!