Step by Step with ‘Au Pair Nederland’

  • Once you have decided to come to The Netherlands, the next step is to apply at an Au Pair agency who is a partner of Au Pair Nederland in your home country (please send us an e-mail if you want to know which agency is a partner). They will send you instructions how to fill in your applications on our website. The Au Pair agency will have a face-to-face interview with you, if possible.
  • After all is done and complete, we will read your file, put it online on our website and it will be available for families to view. With Au Pair Nederland only one family at once can contact you. If they are not interested, you can be introduced to a new family.
  • When a family is interested, they can contact you by e-mail. You will receive the family's profile and you will be asked to email the host family to arrange a date and time when they can call you. If there is a click between you and the host family, you can both decide to ‘match’ together.
  • The host family will apply for your visa if necessary. They need to gather a lot of information and documents, send it to us and we will send it to the immigration office. They, usually, will approve the visa within 2 weeks. As soon as the visa is approved, we will inform your agency, so you can collect your visa at the consulate/embassy. When the visa is in your possession, you can book a ticket and make your way to The Netherlands!


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