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An extra pair of helping hands on the busiest moments of the day, raising daycare costs or welcoming a new culture in your home. Whatever your reason is to take on an au pair, Au Pair Nederland has, as an acknowledged en certified au pair agency, more than 27 years of experience in finding and matching au pairs that fit your needs. Our unique matching system enables you to achieve more flexibility and freedom in your life by following three easy steps. By signing up to our website for free, you can start your search right now. If you find an au pair who fits your needs, you can apply for a final registration at Au Pair Nederland.

Browsing our au pair files
By signing up, you will be granted a ‘LITE account’. This account enables you to view summaries of all our current au pair files. In this way you will be able to determine whether or not Au Pair Nederland can provide you with the perfect au pair for your family. Applying for a LITE account is completely free of charge and you can log in to your account to view our files any time you like. If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

VIP account
If you find one or several au pairs interesting, you can apply as a host family using your LITE account. Your LITE account will be upgraded to a VIP account on our website and you will be contacted by us for an interview appointment at your home. You will have to pay a onetime registration and interview fee. Meanwhile you will be granted access to our extensive au pair profiles and we will start introducing you to other possible au pair matches. When you find your perfect match, we will start the subsequent stage and preparations in order to get the au pair you selected to your home.

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Schouten family – Au Pair Nederland host family

This way, our children are able get in touch with a different culture!