Coronavirus update

Geplaatst op Wednesday 25 March 2020, door Au Pair Nederland

Travel Active Au Pair Nederland continuously follows recent developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We also closely follow the associated measures and actions that are presented by health experts and government agencies. More and more countries are opting for measures such as an entry ban or strict quarantine regulations. We naturally strive to ensure that all our au pairs and host families are in a safe situation and, if necessary, we work with them to find a suitable solution in changing circumstances.

Contact with the IND and with partners

In these times we remain in constant contact with the IND and our foreign partner organizations. Every day we take the current guidelines of the national government and health authorities here in the Netherlands into account and do the same for the countries where the au pairs come from. We always act in accordance with these guidelines. Should au pairs have to return to their own country because of these guidelines, or should they not able to travel to the Netherlands, we will always look at how we can arrange this in the best way possible. Even if au pairs decide to return to their own country, we will support and guide them as much as possible.

Departures/arrivals in March, April and May

We look at the situation for our au pairs on an day to day basis. At this moment there has been contact with au pairs whose visa expires in March, April and May. All au pairs that would leave in March and April have now returned to their own country. We will get in touch with au pairs who are scheduled to leave in May and June and inform them about their personal situation. We therefore will take each individual situation into account and look into what is the best possible solution and whether it is possible to extend the visa if necessary.

Departures/arrivals in the future

We can imagine that you have questions about what happens to your au pair's visa if she cannot return to her country on time. Or if your au pair has a valid entry visa, but is currently unable to come to the Netherlands. The IND has indicated that it will be less strict with an au pair visa / entry visa that will expire. A number of provisional rules have been introduced for this. We will contact the relevant host families / au pairs for each situation.

We are currently unable to submit new visa applications to the IND. Also, no visas can currently be collected from the Dutch embassies. Arrivals from au pairs for which the host family is currently working on a visa application will have to be postponed for now. We hope that the general situation will normalize again soon due to the measures being taken worldwide.

Thank you for your understanding in this new and profound situation that we are all in at the moment. We will keep everyone informed of any changes in the situation as soon as possible. If you have questions or would like to contact one of our employees? Please send an email to or call 0478-551910.


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